UKfuels Card: Access the Largest Network of Independent Fuelling Stations

Reduce & control costs with the benefit of an ever-growing network

At The Fuel Store, we understand that businesses often face a constant battle in controlling their fuel spend. You need a fuel card that reduces and controls your fuel and admin costs, whilst mitigating risk and offering efficient milage monitoring.

With the UKfuels card from The Fuel Store, not only do you gain access to the UK’s largest independent network of stations, but we support you every step of the way, giving you the tools and insight you need to reduce costs and efficiently manage your fleet’s fuel spend.

Weekly savings at the pump

With the increasing costs of fuel, improving efficiency and reducing expenses is a top priority for any business. Along with enhanced data and analysis and unmatched support from The Fuel Store experts, our UKfuels card helps you reduce your expenses with a weekly discounted rate on diesel.

Extensive fuel site network

Gain access to the UK’s largest and fastest growing independent fuel station network with over 3,700 sites across the UK. The UKfuels card from The Fuel Store offers unrivaled accessibility for any fleet with over 900 HGV sites, 500+ pumped AdBlue sites, and more than 190 motorway sites for long-distance fueling.

Fueling enhanced fleet insight

Unlock the potential of cutting-edge data and analysis through The Fuel Store’s customer portal, a valuable resource available to all our customers.  Streamline your fleet management strategy with easy-to-use invoice management, simplified fuel card ordering, and essential data, equipping you with the insights needed to drive informed decisions, improve your operations, and boost overall efficiency.

Optimised fleet expense management

With flexible payment terms, interest free credit and 100% VAT compliant invoices, you’re in complete control of your fleet’s spending and cost management with The Fuel Store UKfuels card.

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Service, Sustainability and Simplicity

Whenever you need us, we’re here for you. Don’t just choose a fuel card. Put your business in the hands of someone who will care for it like it’s their own. It’s more than fuel and that’s just our way!

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To us, fuel cards are about more than fuel. See how you can keep your cards safe with FraudGuard or reduce your CO2 emissions with our Clean Air Partnership.