Family from day one

Every family has a name – a mark that binds them all together no matter where they sit in the hierarchy or around the globe. When we refer to ourselves as Fuellers, we recognise that we’re all equals in achieving our goals and protecting this brand. Each one of us has an individual role to play for our collective progression.

We fuel the impossible

When we “fuel the impossible”, we’re continuously evolving. Each day we turn “better” into the standard- a standard that’s completely revolutionised the way business is done since we opened our doors. Changing the industry “for good” means our legacy is permanent, but we’re also changing it for “good”. No more bad behaviours and bad service. We’ve set the pace, and it’s up to everyone else to get up to speed. Where Fuellers gather, the impossible is achieved and industries are transformed.

Individually we are passionate collectively we are powerful

To transform the industry, we need amazing people that are excellent in their craft. However, this isn’t just an office of great people, it’ s been a family since day one. We know that as individuals we can make an impact on the business, but when we work as a family we make a difference. It’s the sum of the parts that creates the vehicle that moves forward. While we always work on bettering ourselves, we make a conscious choice to work together because it achieves more. The future of our customers and this business is built in the legacy we create together.

What is takes to become a Fueller

Passion that kicks it up a gear.

You can’t fuel better without a little fire in the engine. We don’t believe in just turning up to finish a task. We believe in creating exceptional experiences, chasing big personal goals, and creating ideas that revolutionise our business for the better. Yes, the tasks might be mundane or small at times, but our impact is immeasurable. Internally and externally, we show up to make a positive difference.

Ownership that delivers all the way.

Whether things go right or wrong, we know the most important thing is accountable leadership. We own our mistakes, we’re honest with those involved, we learn, and we consistently deliver a solution. No matter the situation, we accept our role to navigate our colleagues and customers through. Whatever happens along the road, we’re always focused on reaching the final destination.

Drive that sees beyond the horizon.

This means we never accept “that’s the way things are done”. If it’s not the best outcome for this family or our customers, we have the initiative and curiosity to want to find a better way. Internally, we know our leadership will challenge and support us to be the best version of ourselves. Externally, our customers know The Fuel Store name means they’re getting the best in class.

Integrity that makes the right call for the best outcome.

Doing things the “right way” is a choice. We know there are shortcuts, but we choose to prioritise the trust of our customers and this family. We protect the company’s reputation like it’s our own because it is. Internally and externally, we do things in a way that leaves a positive legacy, moves this business forward, and propels our customers to achieve bigger and better.

What Our Colleagues Think

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