About us

We fuel the impossible

At The Fuel Store, our business is motion. From sole traders to fleets that expand to every corner of Britain’s roadways, our customers’ work is carried out by getting from A to B. We fuel the journey. To us, fuel is more than a commodity. It’s a job well done; it’s delivering vital goods and services; it’s growth and expansion; and it’s reaching limits you didn’t think possible.

Yes, we sell fuel cards, but we also deliver outstanding fleet management solutions. Whether you’re looking for value-led pricing for better forecasting, simple fuel invoice management, experienced support to navigate your fleet with confidence, or telematics to maximise vehicle efficiency, we’re a family you can rely on.

Team for the long haul

Our business was founded on one principle: fuelling better for our customers. Better service. Better terms. Better price management … the list goes on. We’re led by the same family values that formed our beginnings, and to us, you’re not just a number, you’re our priority. Sure, without us, you could fuel anywhere, but with The Fuel Store you’re going places. We fuel better for the long haul.

To transform the industry, we work with an amazing team who bring their own talents to the table. People are the core of our business and when creating a partnership with our customers, trust is paramount. Meet the team and learn more about their specialisms and how they can help your business achieve its full potential.

Our People

When we entered this industry, we challenged ourselves from day one, we created a business our family and our customers could be proud to put their name to. So, we took a chance and did the “impossible” – we delivered genuinely amazing customer experiences. Fuelling the “impossible” means providing insights that help our customers make better decisions.


It means providing service that overcomes obstacles and gets drivers back on route. It means launching services that our customers don’t even know they need yet because we’re protecting their fleet now and into the future. We don’t believe in “average” or that things “can’t be done”. We care, so we’ll do what it takes to open doors and push boundaries if it means our customers and our business are better than they were the day before.

Jamie Bridgen

Founder & Managing Director

Jamie’s background is Mechanical Engineering, which before founding The Fuel Store saw him design valves and actuators for naval submarines and battleships, the precision and detail is a part of everything he sets out to accomplish. He would admit that outside of work his precision can be a problem when his wife Mehma, our Co-Founder, feels he is applying this to day trips with their daughter.

Mehma Bridgen

Founder & Director

Mehma has been immersed in psychology from very early on, having specialised in Clinical Psychology to her various roles within the police force, she is passionate about connecting with people and bringing a solution focused approach to our clients. She is also trained in project management and has openly said she can be a bit obsessed with running everything like a project, including her husband Jamie. Mehma is a busy mum, enjoys walks and the outdoors and is a lover of the crisp autumn months.

Stephen Olanipekun

Sales Operations Manager

With four years at The Fuel Store, Stephen is one of the longest serving Fuellers. From his first day in the office with a small team of only four sales agents to where The Fuel Store is today, he’s seen the different phases of growth up close. He is really passionate about working with colleagues who share the same goals and vision – and he’s ready to shake up the industry by creating genuinely amazing customer experiences. Stephen’s family plays a big part of his life and in his spare time it is all about his two daughters. Watching them play, learn and grow is his happy place.

Clare Edmonds

Finance Manager

Clare is Black Country born and bred and joined The Fuel Store in 2020 after a diverse career in both family run and international businesses. She covers a number of key functions to support the business performance and growth; from credit checking, to weekly billing and ensuring payments are reconciled – however, the rest of the Fuellers may say her most important role is processing payroll. When Clare is not busy being a Finance Manager, she loves live music and listens to anything from Dolly Parton to Metallica. And, if you were to put her on an airplane with a one way ticket she’d say, “Vegas Baby!”

Paul Wise

Commercial Manager

Paul has spent the majority of his career building and leading telesales and retention teams across a broad range of sectors. Joining The Fuel Store in 2019, he has put this experience to use when leading a best-in-class customer service team ensuring customers are at the heart of the operation and maintaining high retention rates. Paul is a real football fan – he even played for both Aston Villa and Walsall youth teams. So it is no surprise that if he had £1 million to spend in a day, he would splash it all on a semi-professional football club building it up from grassroots to premier league club.