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Looking For Better Vehicle Management?

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Fuel Cards

Is your business currently struggling with fuel management? Fuel cards provide a consolidated system for tracking and managing fuel expenses.


Lacking visibility and control over your fleet or vehicle operations? Get real-time data and insights that enable customers to monitor their vehicles more effectively.

Driver Toolkit

Concerned about vehicle compliance and fault reporting? Driver Toolkit can mitigate the risk of penalties during spot checks and maintaining fleet efficiency.

Fuel AI

How much time and effort are you currently spending on managing your fleet's fuel spend, addressing issues, and mitigating road risks?

Fleet Services

Are fuel costs, tracking inadequacies, and poor management impacting your fleet's profitability? Do you need to streamline your fleet operation?
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Want To Make A Change?

Do any of the above points ring true to your current situation? Do you feel like you’re ready to make a change? At the Fuel Store, we offer comprehensive research and investigation into your current situation and give you an action plan for consideration.

NEW: EV Charge Card

43,000 EV charge points

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Compare Cards

From sole traders to fleets that expand, our customers’ work is carried out by getting from A to B. We fuel the journey. We recognise that every fleet is different. Each of our fuel cards gives you access to a network of 3,000+ fuel sites. Compare cards to see how your business can fuel better with, The Fuel Store.

Paua EV Charge Card

A market-leading electric charge card for businesses. Giving you access to more than 43,000 charge points and 73% of the UK’s rapid charging network, the Paua card makes charging your EV fleet fast, simple and sustainable

The Fuel Store Card

Our most popular solution, The Fuel Store Card gives you access to one of the largest multi branded networks available, including major oil brands and supermarkets.

Advantage Card

The pre-paid Advantage Card provides all the benefits of The Fuel Store Card with access to one of the UKs largest fuel networks. Easily top up by direct debit, credit or debit card 24/7.

UKfuels Card

Unlock access to an extensive network of over 3,700 fuel stations nationwide, giving you the flexibility and convenience you need to keep your fleet running smoothly. Plus, enjoy a weekly discounted rate on diesel to keep your costs in check.

Esso Card

Use the fast growing network of over 3,500 Esso, Shell and BP sites meaning your drivers never have to deviate far from the most efficient route.

Fuel Genie Card

The ideal solution for supermarket frequenters, the Fuel Genie card offers exclusive savings at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Morrisons fuel stations, with a substantial 4p per litre discount compared to standard rates.


The Fuel Store plays its part in sustainability by actively contributing to reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener planet. By helping fleet managers offset their CO2 emissions and offering solutions, we actively support the transition towards sustainable practices.


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Our business was founded on one principle: fuelling better for our customers. We’re led by the same family values that formed our beginnings, to us, you’re not just a number, you’re our priority. Beyond providing fuel, we offer a range of comprehensive services to support your fleet. Keep browsing to explore our energy solutions, fleet management services, FuelConnect, our telematics offering and additional services like Vehicle Check for fault logging. With The Fuel Store, you can trust us to go the extra mile, ensuring your fleet’s success and empowering you for the long haul.