Fleet Services

Fleet managers working with The Fuel Store utilise a range of services to support their fleet from the moment they get on the road. From detailed insights to supporting their sustainability goals, fleet managers have more than just a fuel card – we keep their vehicles moving through whatever obstacles and decisions that are on the horizon.

See how your fleet can realise its full potential.

Fuel Cards

Our range of fuel cards is for fleet managers who expect more from their fuel card provider. Take control of fuel spend by making it the most straightforward outgoing. Through reliable account management, clear visibility of fuel spend and fixed weekly prices, fleet managers are able to stay on top of their fleet while focusing on delivering great results.

Fleet Management

With an intelligent suite of data insights, fleet managers can take control of fuel spend and drive change to make their fleet more fuel efficient. Fuel AI, built on machine learning and technology, gives fleet managers the ability to make informed decisions to optimise fuel consumption and offers a clear overview of fleet performance at their fingertips.


By utilising the latest telematics technology, fleet managers optimise performance and have complete visibility of vehicles’ location, understanding of vehicle health and driver behaviour resulting in reduced insurance premiums, maintenance costs and accidents. Increase efficiency through smart routing and reduced fuel consumption, while having a 360 degree view of your fleet at any given time.


To be compliant with sustainability requirements, adding AdBlue or Envirox DPF Assist to your vehicles will help keep your fleet moving. The Fuel Store has selected a supplier who is dedicated to excellence and quality, to help diesel fleets fulfil their environmental responsibility by reducing air pollution created by diesel engines and regenerating diesel particulate filters for a greener fleet.