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Don’t Have Time To Compare Quotes Yourself?

We understand the frustration you may be experiencing with your current energy processes. That’s why we’re here to offer you a solution. At The Fuel Store, we specialise in helping businesses like yours compare offerings from a wide range of business energy suppliers, ensuring you secure the best pricing based on your current energy usage.

A big factor in finding the best deal for any business is usually timing. Our focus is on providing you with a better deal, tailored to your specific needs, without the hassle and effort of contacting multiple suppliers yourself. One telephone conversation with our energy specialists is all it takes for us to compare the entire market to find the ideal solutions for your business.

Energy Comparison Explained

Unlock cost savings, save time and gain expert guidance with The Fuel Store. Our tailored solutions and hassle-free switching process help businesses find the best energy deals. Discover how you can reduce expenses, streamline operations, and make informed decisions. Get ready to optimise your energy spend with The Fuel Store.


The Fuel Store helps businesses save money by finding the most competitive rates on commercial gas and electricity, resulting in significant cost savings.


Our experts handle the entire energy comparison process, saving businesses valuable time by providing tailored quotes from various suppliers with just one phone call.


With in-depth industry knowledge, our energy specialists offer valuable advice and guidance to help businesses make the most informed decision for their specific needs.


The Fuel Store considers each business's unique requirements to provide customised solutions, ensuring they match your businesses desired objective.


We take care of all the paperwork and arrangements involved in switching energy suppliers, making the transition seamless and effortless for businesses.

Next Steps To Reduce Your
Energy Spend

To allow us to find the best energy contract for your business, the following information would be helpful when contacting us for a quote.

  1. Download an energy bill from your online account
  2. Call one of our energy specialists
  3. Have the following information ready before your call:
  • Consumption
  • End date
  • Meter number

Alternatively, you can fill in our enquiry form.

“At The Fuel Store, our aim is to help businesses like yours reduce their energy spend and improve their bottom line. We understand the frustration that comes with overpaying for essential services, and we're committed to providing you with a cost-effective solution.” – Leython Wedderburn, Energy Sales Manager