Our brand has changed, here’s why: More than fuel

We have changed. Here’s why… 

In January this year (2021), The Fuel Store turned 5 years old. In our first 5 years, we have grown an incredible family of Fuellers and an equally incredible base of customer partnerships, many of whom have been with us since our first year. 

We have always focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences and in doing so we have challenged the industry norms and set out our declaration to be the 1# choice in the industry. 

We’re grounded in the family values that helped us go from a small start up to one of the fastest growing organisations in our industry. While we’re determined to continuously expand and deliver more, we’ll never lose the roots that got us to where we are: amazing customer experiences. 

At this point in our journey, it felt right to refresh our image to reflect the innovative and challenging brand that we are, along with consolidating our value proposition to give us clarity of vision to keep The Fuel Store on course to become the best in the industry over the next 5 years and beyond. 

To help shape the next iteration of our brand, we had some fantastic, honest conversations with our customers and our employees so that we could be sure we fully understood who we are and the value we deliver. We are proud today to be launching our new brand identity, our value proposition, and our vision for a better future, not just for The Fuel Store, but for the entire industry.  

Our Value Proposition: We fuel better. 

To us, fuel is more than a commodity. It’s a job well done, it’s delivering vital goods and services, it’s growth and expansion, and it’s reaching limits you didn’t think possible. 

Our business was founded on one principle: fuelling better for our customers. Through delivering better service, better pricing, better products, and better terms we’re changing the customer experience in our industry and delivering exceptional results. Whatever the new standard becomes, we commit to going above and beyond. There’s one thing our customers can count on when they choose The Fuel store: they’re getting the best of the best. 

We have focused our commitment for better on 3 core pillars: ServiceSustainability and Simplicity. 

The 3 Ss underpin our value proposition. They are the framework that determine the decisions we make for our customers, for our business, and for our community. 

Service. Service is everything. Whether that’s directly linked to our customer experience or our employee experience, our obsession for service delivery is unwavering. Everything we do should contribute to outstanding service. 

Sustainability. We have a responsibility. To our customers, to our employees, to the environment, and to the local community in which we sit. From choosing new products or supplier partners, to hitting send on an email, everything we do should be contributing to the longevity of The Fuel Store and the customers and communities we serve. 

Simplicity. We remove complexity. Complexity is everywhere. It’s in our business processes, it’s in our systems, and it is in our service delivery. The simplest solution is often the best solution. By removing complexity for ourselves and for our customers, we clear the way for efficiency and satisfaction. 

Our Mission: We fuel the “impossible” 

When we entered this industry, we saw a challenge that no one acknowledged. “Bad” was just the way it was. From day one, we created a business our family and our customers could be proud to put their name to. So, we took a chance and did the “impossible” – we delivered genuinely amazing customer experiences. 

Fuelling the “impossible” means providing insights that help our customers make better decisions. It means providing service that overcomes obstacles and gets drivers back on route. It means launching services that our customers don’t even know they need yet because we’re protecting their fleet now and into the future. It means we don’t believe in “average” or that things “can’t be done”.  

We care, so we’ll do what it takes to open doors and push boundaries if it means our customers and our business are better than they were the day before. 

Our Vision: The team that transformed the industry for good 

When we “fuel the impossible”, we’re continuously evolving. Each day we turn “better” into the standard- a standard that’s completely revolutionised the way business is done since we opened our doors. Changing the industry “for good” means our legacy is permanent, but we’re also changing it for “good”. No more bad behaviours and bad service. We’ve set the pace, and it’s up to everyone else to get up to speed. Where Fuellers gather, the impossible is achieved and industries are transformed. 

Our mission and our vision are clear. We are committed to being the best and we are committed to delivering better for our customers, our employees, and our community.  

This brand refresh brings all these elements together. Better has always been our way, but now we have the clarity of message and visual identity that reflects our passion, personality, and drive. 

At every level of our business, as Fuellers we embody these values, and we are excited to bring our vision into reality.  

Yes, we sell fuel cards, but we deliver outstanding fleet management solutions. Sure, without us, you could fuel anywhere, but with The Fuel Store you’re going places. We fuel better for the long haul. Keep on moving. 

To find out more about how and why we have refreshed our brand, you can contact us via the website, call us on 0121 272 7780, or email [email protected]