How We Help Offset Your Carbon Footprint

As concern for climate change continues to grow, it’s become evident that businesses are keen do more about their environmental footprint. However, due to lack of time and resources, businesses are at a loss at what they can do to offset their carbon footprint. In this post we will discuss the various methods for how businesses can influence their teams on reducing their impact on the environment.

The Fuel Store decided to do all the hard work for our customers by creating The Clean Air Partnership with Forest Carbon.

The membership allows companies to keep their fleets running smoothly, whilst offsetting their C02 omissions. How does the Clean Air Partnership work? Simply put, the clean air partnership works through the planting and management of trees in new woodlands.

Not only do these new green spaces reduce pollution through the absorption of Co2, but they also help us to adapt to our changing climate by helping to reduce flooding, which continues to make headlines across the globe.

New woodland also creates cleaner air and rivers, sustainable timber sources, green space for people and nature to enjoy, and employment creation. It’s a win, win for our customer’s peace of mind and our environment.

The Partnership makes it simple for our customers to give back to the environment by offsetting their carbon footprint. Doing something about this has got to be better than doing nothing. What’s more, you can even use your membership as part of your marketing, PR and CSR programmes.

Make Small Changes

Businesses can also encourage their employees to make small changes in the workplace. These include turning technology off rather than leaving it on standby; turning the office thermostat down; cutting down on unnecessary travel; recycling plastics, paper, and unused furniture; and reducing the use of paper.

Find out more about our Clean Air Partnership here